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LoginRocket 2 API

November 8, 2022

We’re pleased to share the newest addition to AuthRocket, the LoginRocket 2 API.

When we launched AuthRocket 2, it included an all-new LoginRocket 2 UI with significantly expanded capabilities as compared to LoginRocket 1. Available as a hosted site, it’s the quickest way to add logins, signups, and a myriad of related features to your app.

However, some apps prefer to integrate logins and/or signups directly into the app for a more bespoke user experience. While this was (and still is) possible using the AuthRocket API, that requires both frontend and backend code.

The new LoginRocket API now gives you a third option that only needs frontend code, making it simpler than using the AuthRocket API, while still offering significant flexibility and customization.

The LoginRocket API is designed to play nicely with the LR UI (aka LoginRocket Web) and it’s easy to mix’n’match features. For example, perhaps you’d like to use the LR API to add logins and signups directly into your app, while still using LR Web for less frequent tasks like resetting passwords. No problem.

Or, perhaps you’d like to start with just LR Web on a new app, but as it matures, you want to go back and integrate core features directly into your app’s own UI one at a time. Again, easily done.

We’ve also released loginrocket.js, an npm to help get up and running even more quickly. It’s SPA-friendly, but also compatible with non-SPA frameworks too.

To learn more, check out Getting Started with the LoginRocket API and the LoginRocket API.

As always, if you have questions, we’d love to help!